Online counselling

At times life events can trip us up and we may lose our sense of direction, meaning and purpose. Sometimes we need to make sense of events that have hurt us. And there are times we just need some help to think things through and get more clarity about a situation.

Do you need support, but can’t make it to an in-person appointment? Are you a busy stay-at-home or working parent, and don’t have the time to drive across town for an appointment? Do you live in a more rural area, or maybe you prefer to just do things Virtually?

If so, I can help you through online counselling.

Benefits of online counselling

 Improved confidence

 Increased ability to cope with stress

 Increased ability to cope with fear

 Enhanced social skills

 Improved ability to communicate 

 Boosted self esteem

 Increased happiness and enthusiasm

 Increased ability to cope with challenges in life

 Tools to deal with worries

How it works

Before our first online counselling session I will email you an intake form to fill out and return at least 2 days before our appointment.

The online counselling process will begin with a 50 minute initial consultation.  

We will go through the information you have provided on the intake form together and discuss what kind of support would be most suitable. During this first appointment I will ask you lots of questions to get to know you.

Furthermore, and of equal importance, I also consider the quality of the relationship between Client and Counsellor to be critical.  I place a great deal of importance on ensuring that you feel safe and understood.  In addition I work hard to ensure you can be your real self during our time together.

In the online counselling sessions I take a solution-oriented approach, which means that I concentrate on your strengths and positive attributes and the goals that you have set to want to achieve. I work with evidence based methods, adjusted to your needs.

Usually we start of with a session once a week, and when you feel you are getting to where you want to be, we will change this to once a fortnight/every 3 weeks until you feel you are where you want to be.

All sessions will be held over ZOOM, you will need to have a computer with a camera for this.

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