Counselling for Adults

Everyday issues such as stress, relationship difficulties, work related issues, managing behavioural problems, or worries put a major strain on our personal lives which then has an effect on other areas of our life. Many people might think that counselling for general issues isn’t needed, but you’d be surprised at how beneficial counselling for adults can be. Addressing these problems helps individuals and couples lead a better and more fulfilling life by providing them with a renewed and optimistic sense of purpose.

At Mimosa Counselling, we provide evidence-based practical solutions to assist in developing resilience and the strength to thrive. Our adult counselling service is designed to bring warmth and understanding to every session, while creating self-awareness, and finding ways to implement strategies that see your quality of life enhanced.

If you’re looking at engaging our counselling for adults, make an appointment online today or give us a call on (07) 3040 6385 to get started.

Adult Counselling Service

Individual counselling

One on one sessions, in person at my practice located in Coorparoo, Brisbane. If you're going through a challenging or stressful time in your life, or you're struggling to cope with changes and troubles, Mimosa Counselling and our individual counselling for adults is here to provide support. With real strategies and complete understanding, life will slowly begin to enhance as you find self-awareness. Visit us for a one-on-one session, in person, at our Coorparoo location in Brisbane.

Online counselling

Sometimes, life can get in the way, and we lose our sense of direction or struggle to understand what our purpose is. Other times, it’s difficult finding sense in something that’s hurt us, and the ability to move on is hindered. There are also times where we need clarity, but finding this on our own is a challenge – do you need some help? Our online services for counselling for adults cater to anyone across Australia. All you need if a computer and a camera.

POWER adults program

Although life is out of our control, there are ways that we are able to control how we respond. Be it to changes, milestones, losses, or everyday issues. Through self-awareness and interpersonal management strategies, we are able to find ways to control our internal functions and change the way we think, respond, and also feel during specific situations. This, in turn, helps us strengthen our health and well-being, performances, and relationships along with building resilience towards challenges and stress. This adult counselling service is a group POWER program that runs over a few weeks online.

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