POWER Adults Group Counselling Program

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Most things in life happen outside of our control. However, we can learn to control the way we respond. Through a combination of self-awareness and self-management strategies and techniques, it’s possible for us to control our internal function and change the way we think, act and feel at any given time. The online POWER Adults Group Counselling program helps you to build this skill set.

The skill-set we develop through this type of adult group therapy can strengthen our health, performance and relationships, and build meaningful resilience to the challenges we face and the stress that life can sometimes throw at us.

Benefits of the POWER adults program

  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Ability to change self-defeating behaviours/habits
  • Better expression and management of emotions, including anger
  • Develop strategies and skills to help your life flourish
  •  Identify and build on your strengths
  • Improved state of happiness
  • Decreased anxiety symptoms
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • And many more

How Our Group Therapy Brisbane Program Works

The POWER adults group counselling program is evidence based and runs in a small group that is held online with a maximum of 8 participants. All sessions will be held via ZOOM.

There will be a lot of interaction and at the end of every session you will receive an email with a few exercises to do in between sessions. You will be taken on a journey to explore your behaviour, thoughts and physical reactions in difficult/stressful/emotional situations and how to respond in a more helpful way so you can take control. 

Developing awareness of our feelings 

Our adult group therapy program can help participants with recognising emotions, and their intensity, to help them perceive the messages our body gives us. Learn self-regulation and self-soothing empathy skills. Train to recognise (on time) when your emotions/stress levels are starting to build up and identify your (emotional) triggers.

Relaxation and attention training 

Practice relaxation techniques and mindfulness. Learn ways to calm your body and mind down.

Focusing on positive self-talk 

The thought-feeling-behaviour pathway. Learning to challenge your own thoughts and how to be in control of unhelpful thoughts.

Building resilience 

In our group therapy Brisbane program, we will practice how you handle a difficult situation and owning your successes.  Identifying your personal qualities and strengths. Knowing what is important to you in life and how to work on gaining more of this. Getting rid of what increases your stress levels/worries.

Values based role models and support teams 

Naming role models and support networks and learning how to utilize these.

Communication skills 

Dealing with emotions. Learning about communication styles and dealing with conflicts. Being assertive.

Exploring solutions and coping step plans 

Applying the 5 stage solution-finding plan. Creating a coping step plan.

Be prepared for future challenges 

Facing challenging situations and preparing for the future. Seeing the stronger and more resilient you.

Clearing your head 

Learning an effective way to get rid of a head full of chaos and making room for a clearer and calmer head.

Highly recommended
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What a meaningful program, it has given me so much benefits in my day to day life! I have followed the program online am very enthusiastic about it. Lenneke explains it in a very pleasant way and makes the online training very meaningful and interactive. Highly recommended!
Wish I did this years ago
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I have a stressful job and I was starting to notice the impact more and more. In my private life I was becoming a very negative person and didn't enjoy a lot anymore. Thanks to this program I now know when to take a step back and how to regain positive energy in my life. I loved the fact that it was online, because I didn't have to travel and it was still very interactive that I still felt connected to the group. Lenneke has a way of making you feel very safe very quickly in a group setting.
What a fantastic training and wonderful program
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With great pleasure I followed the POWER Adults Program. Even though I was a bit hesitant about "another online program" I'm very happy that I didn't let this stop me. Not for a moment did I feel like I was sitting in front of a computer screen. Lenneke is a very experienced counsellor who knows how to involve everyone, who can make the material very insightful, and who makes you enthusiastic to actually get out of your comfort zone and start to apply things in your day to day life. Thank you Lenneke for this super inspiring, educational and above all effective program!
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Lenneke is a very sweet and warm woman. Everyone immediately feels at ease with her. I have gained so much thanks to this program! The best thing that I got out of it is to take control of my own life, instead of always having the feeling that things just happen outside of my control. Because of this I feel so much stronger and less anxious and stressed.
Just do it
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For anyone who hesitates, just do it! You will not be disappointed. I was very hesitant at the start, but my wife signed me up and told me to go for it. I am so grateful she did because finally I can deal with the emotions that life throws at me and I don't get so angry and overwhelmed all the time anymore.
Amazing growth
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I am so happy I signed up to this program. Loved the fact that it was online, because I struggle in face to face groups. Thanks to the program I struggle so much less though! I now have tools to deal with my anxiety and that feels very empowering. Thank you Lenneke, it really has changed my life.
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Thanks to this program I know how to deal with worries and what to do when tough things happen to me.


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