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Mimosa Counselling provides leading Brisbane counselling services for individuals as well as group programs to adults, adolescents, and children.

Our mission is to offer a warm, flexible, and professional approach to counselling, tailoring our services to the unique aspects of each individual.

Mimosa counselling makes use of different evidence based methods like Solution Focused Therapy, Positive Psychology, ACT, Systemic Work, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and COMET.

Mimosa Counselling has implemented a holistic approach to supporting and treating adults, youths and children. Besides individual support, Mimosa Counselling also runs regular group programs and social work support. 

If you’d like to get started with Mimosa Counselling, contact Lenneke today on 07 3040 6385  to start discussing her professional and reliable services. As a trusted Brisbane counsellor, Lenneke is here to make the counselling process for yourself or a loved one easier. Get in touch online for more!

Warm, flexible and professional counselling attuned to the unique aspects of each person’s life

Lenneke is a counsellor and social worker who specialises in solution focussed  therapy, she incorporates this with positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioural therapy. 

When working with children, Lenneke incorporates the above with play based therapy.

Her therapy style can be best described as warm, flexible and attuned to the unique aspects of each person’s life. Her combined training in social work, child therapy and counselling allows for a holistic approach in supporting and treating individuals.

Counselling Services Brisbane

Counselling for Adults

Our leading Brisbane counselling services for adults provides a safe space for individuals where they are able to learn to work their way through challenging life-situations, while building on strengths and confidence. Along with individual programs, we offer group programs for adults, giving our clients the opportunity to socialise in a group setting while working collaboratively to reach personal goals.

Counselling for Youth

Teenage years are some of our most enjoyable, however, they can also be one of the most challenging times of our lives. At Mimosa Counselling, we take this into consideration and provide a completely safe space where teenagers are able to explore their emotions while being encouraged by our youth counsellor to gain a clear understanding of real issues such as anxiety, stress, relationships, social situations, conflicts, and other real-world challenges.

Children's Counsellor

As a parent, one of the most important things in life is your child’s happiness and their healthy development. Noticing signs of stress and struggle through your child’s behaviour may make you feel distressed or upset, sometimes even helpless. If you feel as though your child could do with a helping hand, know that Mimosa Counselling are here to take that pressure from your shoulders. Our dedicated youth counsellor offers more than 18 years of experience working with children, providing parents and kids with optimal confidence and trust.

Counselling Supervisor

Professional clinical supervision provides a confidential and encouraging environment for professionals to enhance their self-care, acquire resilience and confidence, and learn new skills. It allows practitioners to reflect on and review their work, access information, and acquire new skills in order to improve self-care, develop resilience, and boost confidence. This practice is optimal and paramount in that is maintains best practice and addresses ethical, professional standards.

What Does Mimosa Stand For?

The word Mimosa stands for protection, sensitivity, and vulnerability – something that we put at the forefront of our services when providing counselling to individuals, groups, adults, and youths. Most of the time, Mimosa flowers are a vibrant yellow, which stands for opening to wisdom, redemption, cheerfulness, and happiness.

It also stands for willpower and/or spirit power. Here, at Mimosa Counselling, we pride ourselves of strength and vulnerability, which is the principle from which our Brisbane counsellor team works towards.

If you’re looking for Brisbane counselling services that specialise in adults and youths, while also providing individual and group programs, Mimosa Counselling offers each service.
Get in touch with Lenneke today on 07 3040 6385 to learn more about our dedicated services, or book directly through our booking engine.
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